AscensionTek Business Plan


AscensionTek is a property and technology development company for Earth, the Moon and Mars.  The company will primarily provide services such as building and community design, construction, in-situ resource utilisation, life-support, environment control, and other relevant technologies, to businesses and individuals desiring habitation solutions on these 3 worlds.

The company is founded on altruistic philosophies, its function being to create a large a positive benefit as possible for the human family over the course of the 21st century.  Although the primary method for achieving this will be through the development and provision of high-tech sustainable habitation solutions on Earth and in space, the company may also take advantage of other worthwhile opportunities as they present themselves, such as production systems for food, water, energy and metals, healing technologies, or spreading positive ideas through film and television.

The sustainable property development component of the business will operate using the brand name Green Steel Homes.  This will include the following products and services:

  1. Design and construction of environmentally-friendly steel-frame homes that include built-in technology such as solar panels, water recyclers and energy-efficient appliances.
  2. Design and construction of ecovillages of all sizes and in many places around Earth.
  3. Related consultancy services.

The company will also actively promote the ecovillage concept and will generally seek to encourage sustainable development wherever and whenever practical.

By engaging in property development projects of this type on Earth, the company will gain valuable experience directly applicable to moonbase and marsbase design and construction.  Approximately 5-10% of company time and resources will be allocated to moonbase and marsbase design projects during the first few decades of the company, with the intention that from about 2035 or so we will be able to participate in or initiate lunar property development projects.

With experience gained on Earth and the Moon, we aim to become involved in martian property development from about 2055 or so.


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