AscensionTek Business Plan

Phase 1: Sustainable Property Development

While the overall vision for the business spans a century or more, our primary focus for approximately the next 30 years is property development on Earth.

Our Earth development plans are preparation for more ambitious space development.  This helps to put things in perspective.  Earth-based projects that initially seem daunting appear rather easy when compared with, for example, constructing a marsbase.

An independent business

However, this phase of the business does represent a complete business strategy on its own, which increases viability of the company, and insures against the possibility that space colonisation may not start until further in the future than we imagine.

Having a profitable, growing, Earth-based business means that the founders and other stakeholders will not run out of steam waiting for their space dreams to manifest, nor will they need to pin their hopes for a return on their investment on indefinable future events.

Primary function

This component of the business exists for several reasons:

  1. Accumulating money and material assets.
  2. Creating a positive benefit for Earth.
  3. Establishing a reputation for AscensionTek as a positive, creative and productive organisation.
  4. Gaining experience in developing highly independent, high-tech human settlements.

Utilising lessons learned

During this Earth-development phase a percentage of time and resources will be allocated to examining how our experience can be applied to space development.  This will include space settlement design studies.



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Sustainable Property Development