Green Steel Homes

Current Actions (July 2007)

This page explains what we are currently working on to get the company up and running as soon as possible.


1.  Website and Business Plan

This website and business plan receive ongoing development.  Our main focus at this time is continued development of the business plan, and promoting it to potential investors.

2.  Building Design

We are currently developing a range of house designs, including the floor plans, materials, and integrated technology.  These need to be developed to the point where they can be passed to an architect or building designer for development into saleable products.  We have already found a building designer/civil engineer to take on this role.

3.  Research

Developing the building design requires research into the best materials and technologies, and calculating the overall cost of the homes.  Recently we have focused on the water sub-system, and our next goal is to complete a preliminary design of the energy sub-system.  We are also learning as much as possible about ecovillages, construction and property development, and are actively engaged in market research.

4.  Financial Estimates

This includes developing cost estimates for setting up the company, building a Green Steel Home, and building Silvergreen.  It also includes developing cash-flow projections in co-operation with our accountant.

5.  Finding a location

We are currently looking for a suitable location from which to operate the business.  This will probably be in West End, and will have enough space for at least 10-12 people.



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