Green Steel Homes

Management Team

The management team is currently comprised of a grand total of one person, i.e. me.  (This is a work in progress.)


Shaun Moss

I'm 35 years old, live in Annerley, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, and am the creator of AscensionTek, Green Steel Homes and Silvergreen.

My primary formal qualification is a Bachelor of Science in Engineering Maths and Computer Science from the University of Queensland, completed between 1988 and 1992.  I have also completed studies in Computer Systems Engineering, Information Systems Engineering and Mechatronics Engineering, and am a qualified personal trainer with the Australian Institute of Fitness.

Most of my employment has been in the IT industry, with commercial programming experience beginning at the age of 16.  This was writing an advanced computer program for a steel building company which generated orthographic and isometric drawings, parts lists and accurate quotes.  Since then, I have written software for two other steel building companies, which including creating colour perspective views of steel buildings, and online design of modular steel-frame kit homes.  I also sold steel buildings for two companies.

I have designed and built software and databases for a wide range of industries, in four countries: Australia, the Netherlands, Ireland and the UK.  For about 3 years I wrote software for a real estate company which further developed my interest in property.

At various times I have also worked as a fast-food server, computer technician, door-to-door salesperson, sales trainer, manager of a direct sales company, storeperson, gaming machine attendant in a casino, computer salesperson, tutor, researcher, lecturer, video editor, web designer, graphic designer, drummer, personal trainer, fencer, painter, draftsperson, industrial designer, and project officer in the engineering workshop at Mount Isa Mines.

The offspring of an inventor-entrepreneur and a new age travel buff, I have a knack for research, design and creative problem-solving.  I love science and engineering and am incredibly excited about the 21st century, during which I anticipate unprecedented advances in human consciousness, technology and design.

I'm also interested in the power of the human mind, advanced healing techniques, metaphysics and "alternative" physics.  I'm a student of the Law of Attraction and co-facilitate the Brisbane Law of Attraction Meetup Group.  I like writing, drawing, designing, research, planning, singing, exercise, travelling, taking photos of animals, collecting coins and books, listening to funky tunes, watching movies and generally having a laugh.

Management experience

I have run 3 businesses to date.  Firstly, I worked freelance for 2 years as a home tutor in maths, science and computers.

From 1992-1994, I was Trainer and Assistant Manager in the Brisbane office of World Wholesaling Industries for about one year.  Another year was spent working with this organisation in the Netherlands, which included starting my own direct sales and marketing company, called "Quicksilver Marketing", in Rotterdam.  This involved management of a team of about 30 people, including all recruiting and training.

More recently, I ran my own successful web development business called Earth Multimedia from 2001-2005.  This was a sole trader business; I did not employ anyone although I did outsource work occasionally.