The meek shall inherit the Earth - the rest of us are going to Mars!

About the Mars Engineering Logo

This is just a brief explanation for the curious about where the logo came from.

It is simply a union between the astrological symbols of Earth () and Mars (). The resulting symbol has a dual meaning.

The first meaning can be seen if the symbol is looked at from the perspective of Mars. If you consider the circle in the Mars symbol as the planet, then overlaying it with the quartered-circle of Earth symbolizes a terraformed Mars.

Viewing the symbol from the perspective of Earth, we see Earth with an arrow pointing outwards and upwards, into space - symbolizing humanity's expansion into space.

The colours come from blue for Earth, red for Mars, and yellow for the Sun (representing the solar system). This progression of colours is analagous to the path we will probably take as we colonize space - starting at Earth, we migrate to Mars, after which we will proceed to colonize the remainder of the solar system.

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