The meek shall inherit the Earth - the rest of us are going to Mars!

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The Kepler Calendar
This timekeeping system for Mars represents several years of research, development, and refinement. Using the best ideas from existing Mars calendars and clocks, plus many new ones, this is probably one of the most comprehensive and practical timekeeping system ever designed for Mars. Note - this calendar is temporarily offline - it will be available again soon at


Welcome to Mars Engineering, the homepage of Shaun Moss.

I know this page is a mess :) I don't really get time to work on it much. It's basically just where I put stuff that doesn't belong on either of my 'serious' sites, Earth Multimedia (my business website) or

NEW! Characters to Unicode HTML Entities Converter
posted 2003-06-20

My Curriculum Vitae
updated 2002-03-26

VRML model of E-MARS habitat (FB-2001-12-01) [999kB]
posted 2001-12-12

Flag designs (Australia, Earth, Mars)
posted 2001-11-04
updated 2001-11-27

The Renaming of Mars' Moons
posted 2001-05-20

About the Mars Engineering Logo
posted 2001-05-19

The ALM (Antarctica-Luna-Mars) Strategy for Space Colonization
posted 2001-05-19

Mars Lander - my VR assignment
posted 2001-07-20

Mars Developers group for developers of websites, multimedia, or software related to Mars.
posted 2001-09-11

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