Community Buildings


Community Centre

The Silvergreen Community Centre will sit at the hub of the ecovillage, and will function as the central meeting point and "hub of operations".

It will include:


The Shed

"The Shed" will be a steel industrial building comprised of 3 main sections:

  1. Farm equipment storage.  This is where all gardening tools, fertiliser, seeds, the tractor, and any other equipment needed for maintaining the grounds is kept.
  2. The workshop.  This will be stocked with all kinds of tools, including welding gear.  The workshop will be used for repairs to any equipment, including IT equipment, or for manufacturing/inventing.
  3. The recycling centre.  Any items such as old computer equipment or whitegoods, scrap metal or wood, etc. is brought here for re-use or eventual recycling.  See the Recycling page for more information.



These items may all be combined into one building: