The Vision

The goal for AscensionTek is to have as large a positive effect (from a human perspective) as possible on the planets Earth, Luna (the Moon) and Mars.  We aim to build up a large, profitable company which will affect the way things are done, especially with regard to human habitation of Earth, wildlife conservation, resource production and management, environmental management and health.  Our ambition is to help Earth through its current transition, and into a new state of peace, harmony, humour and adventure.  We also intend to participate as fully as possible in the emerging space colonisation movement, with plans to develop bases on both Luna and Mars, and in Earth orbit.


We foresee a world where ....

  • ... people laugh a lot.
  • ... everyone is friends; where it is possible for a person to travel to any other part of Earth unhindered - and where every part of Earth is safe.  What were once national borders will no longer have any political significance, even though they may still describe geographical areas.
  • ... life is everywhere.  Where animals and plants can be seen everywhere.  The places that were once deserts will be green and lush.  The oceans will be brimming with life, and the skies will be full of birds of all kinds.
  • ... Earth is stable.  Where the environment and the group consciousness has reached such a state of calm that people can live in practically any part of the world in complete safety.
  • ... people live in harmony with each other and the Earth.  Where our methods of habitation improve the surrounding land and enhance conditions for wildlife.
  • ... our industry functions in harmony with the environment.  Where important materials such as metals, cement, glass and plastics are manufactured in a sustainable and environmentally harmonious way that includes planned recycling at product end-of-life.
  • ... good, vibrant health is the norm.  Where every person knows the value of fresh, whole, organic foods and has access to an abundance of these foods for free.  Where pure clean water is also available for free, in abundance, to everyone.  Where play and adventure fill the role of exercise.
  • ... the creative power of the mind is common knowledge.  Where people know to control their thoughts because of their awareness of their role in creation of the planetary environment.
  • ... everyone understands that we are all just reflections of each other, and thus the only rational behaviour is to treat each other with love, kindness and respect.
  • ... there is an atmosphere of excitement and freedom stimulated by the new frontier - space.  Where people have the opportunity to travel to the Moon, Mars and many other worlds, to experience the adventure of new frontiers and participate in creating amazing new communities in space.
  • ... people no longer have to work for their survival, because all basic needs are provided by automated systems.  Where people only engage in activities which bring them pleasure - if they do choose to work, it will be at their hobbies.  Where many people will simply travel, create, teach, entertain and love.
  • ... flying cars and other vehicles are commonplace, and there is no longer any need for roads, petrol, service stations, train tracks, oil tankers or bus stations - these will all have been replaced by parks, forests, pristine oceans and wildlife corridors.


AscensionTek intends to help facilitate the transition towards this vision through the following activities:

  1. Property development.  One of the most important things we need to do on Earth at this time is to change how we inhabit the planet.  Our residences must give more to the land than we take from it, producing energy, and good quality water and food using clean, sustainable methods.  Especially during this "century of healing", we need to allocate large areas of land to rehabilitation and wildlife conservation.

  2. Technology development.  Through the development of new technologies such as robotics, machine intelligence, genetic engineering, sustainable resource production, gravity control, levitational propulsion systems and zero-point energy, we hope to introduce a range of exciting new products to the world over the course of the century that will change the way we live and what it means to be human.  We believe that technology is a major key to planet-wide freedom, abundance and peace, and to the successful colonisation of space.

  3. Promotion of the Vision.  We intend to promote the vision of an advanced human society, inhabiting multiple planets, living free and at peace.  This will be done through highly entertaining science-fiction comedy television programs, websites, books and movies.  By drawing attention to these ideas, they will come into being.

  4. Education.  We believe everyone in the world should know the basics of life - how to create a positive future for themselves through visualisation and faith, how to have a happy relationship with God, and the benefits of learning and sharing, productive and results-oriented creativity, and of showing kindness and love to all living things.

  5. Health.  We believe everyone should have access to the elements of good health, and that this should not come at a price.  We will seek to develop technological automated systems to provide an abundance of pure water, fresh whole organic foods, and energy to everyone in the world, and to promote this vision.


At AscensionTek we understand the timeless metaphysical concept that "energy flows where attention goes", also known in modern times as the Law of Attraction.  That is why we focus on positives only, and express a vision of a positive human future.  We are not interested in the current "powers-that-be", since they have no power, neither are we interested in conspiracies or supressed technology.  There is nothing that can prevent us from developing new technology - all that is required is to visualise the result, infuse it with faith, and continually put thought and energy into it.  In fact, we derive great encouragement from the knowledge that some of the technologies we would see developed, such as zero-point energy devices and levitational vehicles, already exist, since this makes it easier to believe that we ourselves can then develop or obtain them.