Business Plans

Update 26-Dec-2007 // This part of the website is currently out-of-date by about 6 months, and the business plan has changed to include the SolSys virtual environment. The current strategy is to develop SolSys to a playable demo stage, then seek funding again.

This is the main part of the website (at this stage).  I have split the business plan into sections.


AscensionTek is the main "parent" company.  This company has goals of developing new systems and technologies for living on Earth, space property development (especially the Moon and Mars), and generally being a beneficial service to humanity over the course of the 21st century.


Pacific Ecovillages is the company that will build ecovillages.  This is the first major project, and the most developed part of the business plan so far.  For an investor, this is the most important section to read at this time.


Green Steel Homes will design and build a new style of fully sustainable, smart, futuristic steel-frame homes.  The designs are still under development.


Viriditas will design and build native plant and permaculture gardens, and provide land rehabilitation services and training in garden maintenance.


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