Green Steel Homes

Welcome to Green Steel Homes

"Green Steel Homes" (GSH) will build steel-frame sustainable homes.  This is the first company and brand to be started by AscensionTek, which functions as the parent company (I've chosen this structure so that AscensionTek will have the flexibility to become involved in other industries in the future, such as those described in Phase 2: Future Developments).


Schedule of Business Activities

There are two main components to GSH.

  1. Sustainable Homes.  These will be built with environmentally-friendly materials, using sustainable design principles, and incorporating environmental technology.
  2. Ecovillage Projects.  Design, construction and operation of ecovillage-style developments of all sizes.


Related Services

During the development of GSH, we will be on the look-out for related business opportunities.  The most obvious of these is provision of consultancy services.  Once we have some experience with sustainable building design and especially ecovillage design, we will be in a position to advise others wanting to do this.

Another potential opportunity is software.  GSH will have a strong IT department, and will be developing a variety of advanced programs related to construction, property development and real estate.  Considering the high profit margins on software products, there may be interesting commercial opportunities to market these programs to other companies.

Yet a third opportunity will be technology spin-offs.  We have discovered that several technologies which we would have liked to include in a GSH do not exist yet.  When the company has the resources, we will establish an R&D workshop and develop some of these, both to improve the homes, and to offer as products.



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