Welcome to AscensionTek

Update 2012-11-05: This website is now slightly out-of-date, so apologies for dead links etc.

I am currently focused on building moonmars.com, a new online social network for everyone interested in space and especially space settlement: enthusiasts, businesspeople, professionals and students. This project is being developed by my new company, Astro Multimedia.

However, if you're interested in my future plans, this website has some great information which is still valid.



Hi, and welcome to the website for AscensionTek, a new company based in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

AscensionTek is primarily a forward-thinking "new age" property development company.  Our main emphasis is on high-tech sustainable development at all scales, including design and construction of environmentally-friendly steel frame homes, ecovillages and planned cities.  The company is intended to have a lifespan of at least 100 years, and to become extremely successful and well-known during that period.

We are interested in property development, technology development, and human development.  Our long-term ambition is to become involved in space colonisation.


At this website you can find information about our plans for the company, the types of products and services we plan to provide, and various articles about space and the environment.  The main function of the website at this time is presentation of the business plan.  Once the company is funded and has officially opened its doors, the site will be redeveloped to be more customer-oriented.

Our first business is called Green Steel Homes, which provides a new style of advanced sustainable housing.  We have also initiated our first project, a small ecovillage with the working title of Silvergreen.   This will be an intentional community of about 50 people in the Samford Valley region west of Brisbane.


AscensionTek is supportive of an Australian and Earth space industry, global collaboration on space development and Earth management, and generally making this Solar System a nice place to live.


Mission Statement

  1. To develop new systems and technologies for inhabiting Earth that promote the health of the planet and ourselves.
  2. To support the expansion of humanity throughout the Solar System.
  3. To set an example for other companies and organisations in terms of ethics, vision and ingenuity.
  4. To contribute wholeheartedly to a positive human future of abundance, freedom, health, wisdom, happiness and peace.