Communications is experienced through a chat interface. There are a number of channels that can be selected (e.g. 256), and each channel hosts a number of players who can all chat with each other like a conference call. The players on that channel are listed down the right-hand side (like in IRC).

Some channels are text-based and others are audio-based (for players with microphones). Or, they could all be both text- and audio-based (like a Yahoo chat) -audio can be turned on or off. I would encourage every player to use a microphone.

Basic commands

This turns off the chat interface - the player is then on no channel. (Emergency/special announcements from the game controllers still appear).

This turns on the chat interface. The previously selected channel is opened. If this is the first time using the chat, then channel 1 (newbie channel) is opened.

\select XXX
This switches to channel XXX.

\select private
Opens the player's private channel (every player has one). The player can invite people to it, or kick people off it. Other players cannot select this channel.

\locate player_name
This returns a string such as "player_name is on channel XXX" or "player_name is on no channel" or "player_name is not online"

\invite player_name
This shows text such as "Shaun is inviting you to switch to channel XXX" or "Shaun is inviting you to switch to his private channel" on player_name's chat screen. They can choose [yes][no] or invite you to their channel.

Special channels

Channel 0 is the emergency channel. Select this if you are about to run out of O2 or H2O and are stuck in the middle of nowhere.

Channel 1 is the newbie channel. Go here if you don't know what to do.

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