Certain technological advancements are assumed to have been made over the next 50 years, which affect the colonists.

Nuclear Fusion

This form of energy production is reliable, safe, and non-polluting. Most big cities now have their own reactor, and power plants using fossil fules or nuclear fission are being replaced worldwide. Most fusion reactors use Helium-3 mined from the Moon.

Genetic Engineering

This field of science has advanced far enough that plants are being engineered that will grow in a mixture of Martian and Earth dirt. Research is being done to develop micro-organisms, worms, and fish that can live unprotected on Mars.

Communications and Information

As on Earth, satellites have been positioned in Martian orbits to provide global communications. Anyone can access an ultra-high-speed internet connection almost anytime, including via a wristpad, marssuit or vehicle. This provides instant access to information, and communication with anyone else on the planet.


Artificial intelligence and robotics have come a long way. Robots are used extensively in exploration, farming and mining, key activities on Mars. The main advancement in robotics is in problem-solving and algorithm design, which means that most robots only need to be given targets and do not need to be told exactly how to reach those targets - they can determine how to do it themselves.

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