Players can move around Mars in several ways (modes). Each mode has a different user interface, and variations in speed and dynamics.

  1. Walking around in a pressurized area, such as a building or habitat module. This does not require a marssuit. It is like walking around on Earth except for the reduced gravity.

  2. Walking around outside in the open Martian air. This naturally requires a marssuit. The view is through the faceplate of the suit and shows the suit's O2 and H2O supplies, battery power, interior temperature and integrity (i.e. if it's torn or otherwise damaged)

  3. Driving around on an ATV (All-Terrain Vehicle - like a motorized tricycle) or any other kind of unpressurized rover. This also requires a marssuit, and has the same view as Marssuit except that fuel/battery level is also shown.

  4. Driving around in a pressurized rover. The view shown is that through the windscreen - a marssuit is not required within a pressurized rover. The UI shows O2, H2O, food and fuel/battery levels of the rover, as well as interior temperature and integrity (i.e. if the rover is damaged)

  5. Flying around in a plane/glider/balloon, etc. Providing the best views of Mars! Similar to a pressurized rover in terms of UI, although controls may be more complex.

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