Open Source

Martians is intended to be an Open Source project, except with a slightly modified licence. The risk is that someone using our code could copy our ideas or game concept. For this reason, the traditional GPL is modified to include a requirement that the source code never be used to create any kind of Mars game without permission. It can be used to create similar kinds of games set on other planets, such as Luna or Ganymede for example. I don't mind if people do that, I hope they do!

The primary benefits of Open Source development have been demonstrated due to the success of software like Linux, Apache, PHP, MySQL. OS results in more stable software (since programmers who detect bugs are able to fix them), generally better designed software (since ideas and suggestions come from a larger number of people), faster-evolving software (OS projects tend to release new versions more often) plus there is the feeling of giving something back to a community.

Using an Open Source philosophy will save development cost, as we are able to use existing Open Source packages free of charge to build our software, for example, CrystalSpace, MySQL, [networking engine], [physics engine], etc.

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