Development Process

This page outlines the overall development process that will take us from where we are now - a group with a great vision - to where we want to be - a group living in a fully sustainable community that we created ourselves.

Our starting point for this overall process comes the book by Diane Leafe Christian - "Creating a Life Together - Practical Tools to Grow Ecovillages and Intentional Communities".  Although the items are numbered, this is not a linear process, and some items continue all the way through the process.

  1. Organise our group.
  2. Research comunities.
  3. Create our vision documents.
  4. Establish our decision-making method(s).
  5. Resarch real estate market in our desired area (ie. around Brissy).
  6. Choose a location.
  7. Choose and set up our legal entity.
  8. Research zoning issues.
  9. Conduct property search.
  10. Choose property.
  11. Learn our financing options.
  12. Finance and buy property.
  13. Develop or renovate property as required.
  14. Organise internal community finances.